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Dakar was great, but now it is time for new adventures

7 August 2017

Simon van der Mark has sold his Dakar trucks. “I have seen it all and it was a once in a lifetime experience that I would not like to have missed, but driving Dakar is a time-consuming and very expensive hobby. There are professional teams that we can never beat, because we also have a business to run. I love to drive this kind of rally’s, but it is difficult to block weeks in a row in the annual agenda so from now on I prefer rally driving in Europe and that does not require these desert proof trucks.” 

New eye-catching work clothing 

5 July 2017

We ordered new polo shirts, sweaters and trousers for our staff. Our company outfitter for years - DB WorkWear - knows what it is to dress to impress. Refreshingly new, tailor-made yellow and black. the perfect fit for VDM! 

We are looking for talented truck drivers

1 June 2017

At VDM we have truck drivers of all ages. Izaak de Baat recently retired after 30 years of dedication. Some of the older colleagues are about to follow him soon so we have plenty of space for young talented truck drivers. Take the next exit to VDM!

Port Exhibition Rotterdam was very successful

24 May 2017

The old submarine productiion hall of the RDM was the fantastic spot for the Port Exhibtion Rotterdam 2017 on the 11th and 12th of May. This part of Rotterdam is worth visiting after its transformation in the last decade.
Simon: "We had a great event and we needed more beer barrels - because of the good weather and the enourmous number of visitors - than ever before."

Save the date of Port Exhibition Rotterdam

11 & 12 May 2017

We hope that you will be our guest at the Port Exhibition Rotterdam 2017 on Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th of May. The event will take place at the former RDM shipyard. The unique location, combined with the hospitality of Van der Mark Transport, makes your visit worthwhile.

Party time with Just Franky

11 March 2017

It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed the singing of Just Franky and the good food of our catering partner Restaurant De Rustburcht. It was the ultimate moment to honor some special colleagues. Michel Sluimer, Hans Beije and Gert van Brakel received an anniversary gratification for celebrating their 12,5- and 25- and 35-year employment. Stage and spotlights were also for Rien van Rij, who retired recently. Bert van Akkeren and Izaak de Baat will follow Rien the coming months. Thanks guys, good work and friends for life!

We expanded our fleet again

25 January 2017

Since our customer base is constantly growing, we invested in some new trucks and trailers. Furthermore one of our trailers is promoting 'De Hoeksche Waard' as the ultimate region for entrepreneurs to settle because of the good business environment. This is our home base for over a 100 years, so we know what we are talking about.

Happy new year, new clients and new trailers

13 January 2017

2016 was a very successful year. As we move on - and also because of the fact that several new clients chose VDM as their logistic partner - we invested in two brand new Schmitz Trailers to meet our customers needs.

We have our own 10 dockshelters in Rotterdam

1 October 2016

Since we are constantly growing, we expanded our warehousing capacity again. From now on we do have our own  4.000 square meters and 10 dockshelters in  the Abel Tasmanstraat 11 in Rotterdam Albrandswaard.

Visit us at the Transport & Logistics fair

November 29th and 30th, December 1st 2016

We like to welcome you at the three days exhibition Transport & Logistics in Ahoy Rotterdam on the last two days of November or the first day in December. You can contact us for free entrance tickets.

ITH Complast and Pack-It select VDM as their logistic partner

7 July 2016

VDM has been selected as the official partner of ITH Complast and Pack-It regarding all logistic activities. The partnership agreement has been ratified on the first of July and will be completely effected in January 2017.
The logistic staff in Wijchen, formerly working for Pack-It, will be on the payroll of VDM from now on. Simon van der Mark: “We will also make use of the warehouse in Wijchen and combine this with our warehouse capacity in Oud-Beijerland. This way we will be able to optimize our logistic services.”
Every household is familiar with the broad range of products of ITH Complast and Pack-It. High-end packaging materials and disposables, like for instance kitchen foil and plastic bin bags.

Extra square meters

5 Juy 2016

We have made serious plans to expand our warehouse capacity in Oud-Beijerland with another 3.000 square meters. At the time of writing we are awaiting the positive response on our construction permit. To be continued …

Herring Event HW, EUR 9.000 for charity

4 July 2016

While the people of VDM where doing their daily work, a couple of hundred visitors of the second Herring Event for Entrepreneurs enjoyed this Thursday the traditional raw Dutch treat. The outcome of the public auction was overwhelming; EUR 4.500 for the Hospice Hoeksche Waard and another EUR 4.500 for Tour for Life. Corriena van der Mark was the highest bidder for the special lot; the wooden barrel filled with fresh fish. So the day after the crew of VDM had their own herring event. 

Horse-show and Outdoor Summer Fair?

1 July 2016

For the sixth year in a row VDM is one of the sponsors of ‘De Hippische Dagen Strijen’ that will take place at the illustrious estate along the Broekseweg 8. Our stylish yellow truck is used by the jury during the three day horse-show.
And you can also enjoy all other activities like for instance the great Outdoor Summer fair! We look forward seeing you. Summer starts in June!

VDM hosts the second HW Herring Event

30 June 2016

We will host the second Hoeksche Waard Herring Event for entrepreneurs. For those who do not like the delicious raw fish we will serve other good (finger) food. Simon van der Mark: "Usually, the entrance is free at VDM, but this special day you will need entrance tickets of 20 euro p.p. We donate your entrance fee to two charities that we adopted this year."
A great networking event (on Thursday, the last day of June) from 17.00 - 20.00 hours where you will meet all entrepreneurs of the region.

The big picture of VDM

6 April 2016

Another 5.000 square meters to expand our storage capacity? Simon van der Mark shared these plans with his staff at the yearly company meeting last Saturday. After the official part the party started and 6 employees - Izaak de Baat, Bram Hazelbag, Trevor Green, Nelis van Steensel, Gerrit Oostdijck en Peter Slabbekoorn - were honored since they had their 12,5 years of service. There was music and a traditional Austrian buffet mit Tiroler Gröstel und Wienerschnitzel. And the people enjoyed the enormous picture that showed the complete history and future of VDM.

Yearly company meeting and party time

2  April 2016

The yearly company meeting is the ultimate moment to meet and share information. Simon van der Mark: "Our employees' partners also attend these meetings and they are right because they are part of the VDM family ánd part of our success." After that it's party time. Last year we sailed with party ship De Prinsenlander, this time the transformed warehouse of VDM is the place to be where we will also honor several jubilarians.

Chips on wheels

11 February 2016

As we proudly said before, Hoeksche Chips selected us as their prefered logitics partner for the daily distribution. Two of our trucks have been wrapped as rolling chips to attract (potential) customers.

Cross-border logistic services for Kogros

1 February 2016

For years we are the international logistics partner for Kogros, one of the most important independent wholesalers/traders of tiles in The Netherlands. Our efforts have been rewarded, from now on we do not only drive to Spain and Italy, but we are also responsible for the daily distribution throughout Holland.

Hoeksche Chips selects VDM as distribution partner

7 January 2016

Daily fresh and traditionally produced on the farm; Hoeksche Chips is a very successful brand with a steady growing market share. We at VDM are very pleased ánd proud that we have been selected as the preferred distribution partner for Hoeksche Chips.

We expanded our fleet with two new 'green' trucks

4 January 2016

For our growing day-to-day transport services in The Benelux we invested in two ‘green' Iveco trucks. Simon van der Mark: “This way we can deliver high quality and high service to our demanding clients, efficient and more environmental friendly than ever before.”

Extra warehousing capacity

4 November 2015

As an Authorised Economic Operator we invested in special secured Customs Warehouses and our customers appreciate this that much that we expanded recently in another extra 2.000 square meters.

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