Who is who?

The faces of Van der Mark

Some of us do not need any further introduction, as you meet them frequently. However, our team consists of a lot of other experts, dedicated team players that work behind the screens and in our warehouses and we can imagine that you are interested to know who you are dealing with. Of course feel free to meet them personally.

Simon van der Mark

"We do what we say and say what we do."

Marco Stolk

General Manager
“Cooperation and sharing are key for smart logistic services."

Ralph Kock

Manager Finance
“When you are in control of everything, you never have to reorganise."

Tom van der Mark

Warehouse assistant
“Every delivery - big and small - gets our full attention.”

Jacco Jordaan

Teamleader warehouse
"I can rely on a well-trained team that can deal with every situation."

Corriena van der Mark

"Front and back office are well organised."

Petra Boer

Order administration
“I am the first contact for customers like Mars en Van Oort and that is very challenging."

 Nico Buisman

Order entry & Planning
"With customers all over the world it is of great importance to speak several languages"

Peter Schaap

National Planner 
“We do our utmost to meet the needs of our customers, that requires flexible planning."

Leslie van Leeuwen

International Planner
“VDM offers cross-border services with no limitations."

Anton Vonk

AGP Specialist
"With the world at our fingertips, we deliver global services."

Aad den Braber

AGP Specialist
“For this type of trading, mutual trust is a real must."