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Company profile VDM

The commitment of a true family business

Van der Mark has had cause for celebration before. Everybody will remember the 'Hoeksche Pluim' (an enterprise award) of last year, but 2010 will be dominated by the centenary. Exactly one hundred years ago, Pleun Van der Mark started out as a merchant with a simple dogcart, which he used to go to the farms. As ordered by the farmers, he picked up goods in Rotterdam and delivered them to his customers. After almost ten years of working like the devil, he makes his largest investment till then in 1919, just after World War I: he buys a cart with rubber wheels and a good horse. And as of that moment, his activities gain momentum. Because he can transport more in less time, he receives a lot of work from the clock auction in Oud-Beijerland. The company grows and the limited fleet is increased with a G.M.C. Truck and a Fargo. In 1924, Pleun Van der Mark is the first to travel around the Hoeksche Waard in a real T-Ford.

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