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For over a century, we serve our customers with suitable warehousing and transport services

Van der Mark is a provider of logistic services that carries on where others leave off. We do this by combining modern technology with the best of the past. "A deal is a deal; that was true a hundred years ago when my great-grandfather started the business and I believe this is still true today," says Simon Van der Mark. "Of course we do innovate and implement changes because the transport industry is in constant motion. This requires an ongoing improvement process, maximum flexibility and adaptability so that the services provided are always perfectly in line with the logistic needs and processes of our customers. Everything we do is about transparent communication and mutual respect. We are fully prepared to meet every logistic need of our customers."

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100 years of Van der Mark

From one single dogcart to thousands of HP

In a century's time, VDM has grown into a reputable, (inter)national carrier and warehouse specialist that has become an increasingly important link in the European logistic chain.

Since 2000, Simon Van der Mark - the fourth generation - is at the helm of a well-respected company that is active all around the globe.

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Latest news

Two new trucks and a nightly trailer-swap

22 January 2021

We keep on investing, because we need modern equipment to do our daily business. We wish Henk van der Meer and Trevor Green a lot of save (inter)national kilometers with their new energy-efficient trucks. The partnership with Veenstra Fritom also leads to a reduction of our total CO2 emission. Read more about our nightly trailer-swap ... 

Qualified people at every position

01 January 2021

Peter Schaap and Ad Los have found their way back to VDM after a short career move. Terry van Beek joined the AGP-team and so did Frank de Galan, but soon he will shift his focus and concentrate on sales. He has been active in logistics for over 12 years and is a real expert in this field. Frank started on the first of January and so did Sebastiaan Hooghwerff, our new Financial Manager.

Company movie

This three minute movie gives you a good impression of what we do on a daily basis at Van der Mark. You will recognise that we are no actors, but we are used to serve our customers to the max as possible and that is what we want to show to you.  Logistics is running through our vanes!