Who is who?

The faces of Van der Mark

Some of us do not need any further introduction, as you meet them frequently. However, our team consists of a lot of other experts, dedicated team players that work behind the screens and in our warehouses and we can imagine that you are interested to know who you are dealing with. Of course feel free to meet them personally.

Simon van der Mark

"We do what we say and say what we do." 

Marco Stolk

General Manager
“Cooperation and sharing are key for smart logistic services."

Sebastiaan Hooghwerff

Financial Manager
"Financial insights, transparancy, accuracy and reliability are the cornerstones for our success."

Frank de Galan

Sales Manager
“Speed of action and open communication are two important pillars to build strong relationships."

Tom van der Mark

(Inter)national truck driver
"Every shipment - big and small - gets our 100% attention."

Corriena van der Mark

"Front- and backoffice are well organized."

Patricia van der Mark

Customer Service Desk
"We serve our customers with proactive information and flexible actions."

Leslie van Leeuwen

Head of Planning Department
"Thinking ahead and good communication skills are essential in this job."

Dennis van der Mespel

National Planner
"We do our utmost to meet the needs of our customers, that requires flexible planning."

Ted den Boer

International Planner
"VDM offers cross-border services without limitations."

Petra Boer

Order administration
“I am the first contact for customers like Mars en Van Oordt and that is very challenging."

Peter Schaap

Order administration 
“I serve as the connecting link between our warehouse and all other logistic services and that is a dynamic playground."

Nico Buisman

Order Entry & Planning 
“With customers all over the world it is of great importance to speak several languages."

Terry Beek-Overes

AGP Specialist
“There are a lot of rules and regulations for AGP, so this is a very accurate kind of business."

Claire & Bonnie

“We protect the property of VDM and its clients."