Financial services


As the products that we warehouse on your account are getting more expensive you want more assurance about the payment when these products are sold. This is also an important argument for the buyer of your products. Mostly the buyer wants to pay your products when delivery has taken place according to the purchase agreement. Especially when buyer and seller don´t know each other or when it concerns international transactions. Van der Mark Int. Transport BV can provide both buyer and seller a solution by this independent and reliable foundation; Stichting Van der Mark Escrow Services.

Both buyer and seller agree to use this foundation. Only when the buyer has transmitted the total purchase price to this foundation and the seller has delivered the products to our warehouse according to the purchase agreement the purchase price will be transmitted to the seller and the property of the products to the buyer. By using this foundation all the amounts are securely seperated from the equity of Van der Mark Transport BV.

These Escrow Service saves you time and money and provides you more assurance for all of your purchase- and salesorders.

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Fiscal representation

When your company is not registered for the VAT in The Netherlands it can be interesting to have a fiscal representative for goods that enter the EU. The fiscal representative takes over all duties with regard to VAT, customs and Intrastat-filing. You can enter the EU market as a foreign company without worrying on customs, statistical and VAT regulations.

A fiscal representative has some benefits.
- No VAT registration for the Dutch TAX authorities.
- Cash flow advantage. VAT is dued at the place of destination.
- The fiscal representative takes care of all requirements.
- It will save you a lot of time, so you can concentrate on your core business.
- All expertise on EU customs, VAT and other legislation is available at the fiscal representative.
- Your customer will receive the goods as an IC-delivery. So there are no additional activities required at the place of destination.

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