Warehousing is much more than just storage, it is about added value

Warehousing is a specialty of its own. The heated distribution centres with dockshelters in Oud-Beijerland cover an area of 20.000 square metres. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for stock control, fire safety and theft prevention. We offer business relations a wide variety in storage services for food and non-food products, including public warehousing, dedicated warehousing and value added logistics. Especially for our international oriented clients, we have customs warehouses; well-equipped, safely protected storage for import and export goods, all of course in line with the legislation in force.

The value add of Van der Mark

We store and handle your goods in the broadest way as possible; from one pallet to your entire stock. Nothing is too big for us and nothing too small. Van der Mark can manage the entire goods flow for you, from the moment of production till delivery to the consignee. We take care of all your logistics needs. After manufacturing, we pick up your products and handle the storage and physical distribution. Our experienced logistics staff works with fully computerised systems that allow you to keep track of your stock at all times; the only difference is that the stock is not in your but in our warehouse. If desired, we can even distribute your product with vehicles in your own house-style colours. For additional logistics services such as container handling, order picking, palletising, sorting and labelling, overpacking and repacking, customisation of products according to country or customer, customs clearance, clearance of documents, stock control, and invoicing, you have come to the right company. At Van der Mark, you will find all disciplines under the same roof. That is our definition of one-stop-shopping. This enables you to fully focus on your core activities, resting assured that you have a reliable partner for all your transport needs.