Real partnership leads to satisfied business relations

More and more companies value the personal approach of Van der Mark. There are many renowned business relations among our regular customers. We meet the needs of our customers and they set the services size limits. For some business relations this means that we are in charge of their entire logistic (order) flows. If you want to know what our customers think about doing business with Van der Mark, we will only be too glad to put you into contact with them.

Hoeksche Chips is a strong brand, baked daily on the farm in 's-Gravendeel.
Henk Scheele: “We bake in line with the order intake, so earliest on Monday morning we know the number of truckloads for the coming week. That requires a logistic partner that fits to our needs. In February 2016 we selected VDM as our distribution partner because of their openness, service and flexibility.”

Van Oordt PortionPack selected VDM years ago as its logistic partner. “We used to have our own trucks on the road, but we outsourced logistics completely so we can concentrate on our core business. VDM understands our business model, they deliver outstanding service and doing something extra does not necessarily result in an extra invoice." Quote of Henk Berveling, head purchaser at Van Oordt.

Jimmy Products b.v. produces Jimmy’s®Popcorn and is the market leader for the delivery of popcorn to cinema's in the Benelux countries. Roel Spruit, manager operations: "It's an evolving market with specific logistic wishes. VDM knows how to find its way, always. They take care of in time delivery to all our customers. Our annual customer satisfaction checks prove that VDM is performing very well.”

Pack-It has been supplying European customers like supermarkets with a wide range of waste bags, foils and disposables for over 40 years,” states Leen Paardekooper. Since January 2017 VDM is the partner for Pack-It regarding all logistic activities. “We always look for the most efficient solution for every step of the process and VDM for sure is a real expert on this field with service and customer focus on top of mind.”

Wout’s Tegelhandel chooses fort he reliability of Van der Mark Forwarding for more than 25 years. “Van der Mark is a trusted partner with fair prices and they have never disappointed us. Numerous shipments of Spanish tiles and ceramics. What we need is a reliable partner that is willing to act very flexible if necessary. That is real partnership,” according tot Ron Kol from Wout’s Tegelhandel in Amsterdam.

Patisserie van Strien - founded in 1938 - is famous for its cookies and profiteroles. Jaques van Strien: “Every day we produce more than 100 different types of confectionery, according to our own recipes. We are bakers, transport is not our core business but it is a very important part of our business model. We used to organise this ourselves, but since 2018 VDM is our distribution partner so we can concentrate on what we love to do and that is making delicious cookies.”

Kogros BV is an independent wholesaler/trader of tiles. Hans Kramp: “VDM is our international logistic partner since 2007 because they do what they say and say what they do. VDM is a reliable partner, organising the Dutch distribution for us as well. They work with dedicated drivers, speaking our language. Always on time, friendly guys. We meet weekly, as they unload tiles from Spain and Italy.”

Rholex BV offers road transport solutions for its clients by hiring in reliable partners - like Van der Mark - that drive in accordance with the planning of Rholex. “The cooperation with VDM started decades ago,” states Gerard Rolandus. “Nowadays they drive daily with three trucks in our house-style colors. Working with Simon van der Mark and his staff is a pleasure, his truck drivers are real professionals with the right dedication. VDM stands for high quality and flexibility.”